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Aug 7, 9 & 10 / Playing with Watercolor  

1-2:30pm /  Ages 12-17  Mon, Wed, Thurs

This week as we are playing with watercolor. Watercolor is beautiful and free flowing; it has a mind of its own. Sometimes it behaves and sometimes it misbehaves. First class we learned how watercolor acts on paper, now we play with what we know. As we play with the watercolor, we will end up with a variety of greeting cards and a beautiful watercolor landscape work of art!

Parents are welcome to stay during the class but are encouraged to let the kids have fun and use their own creativity, or you may drop off the kids 5 minutes before the start of class. For safety, parents must come in to pick up children no more than 5 min after the class ends. Additional fees of $10 will be added for every 15 min kids haven’t been picked up after class.

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