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Chic Holstein

Sheila Nieland-Snyder

Among other things Sheila hand stamps jewelry, enamels jewelry and art pieces, paints canvas, makes home décor and personalizes stuffed animals for holidays.

About Sheila

Sheila was raised on a Holstein dairy farm where learned an excellent work ethic, the joy of animals, the outdoors, hard work and creativity.

She was a 4-H Member from the age of 6 until her early 20’s. While in this fabulous group of people, she learned to sew, cook, take care of cows and other animals, learned to do public speaking and how to act. She had so many fun adventures in this great group; the MN State Fair, MN Ambassador Program, MN 4-H Arts In, a trip to Chicago, a trip to Washington DC to name a few. Being in this group helped her to grow professionally and creatively.

She always loved to be creative, sewing with her mom and sister, making crafts and gifts for her friends and family, even cooking through some of Julia Childs’ famous cookbook. As she has grown and evolved in her professional life, (as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator) so has her art and creative journey. She hopes that her pieces bring a smile to her customer’s faces, but most importantly to their hearts.

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