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Foxy’s Art Box

Foxy (AKA Jennie)

Foxy is an animal-centric undisciplined artist who enjoys mixing and matching media to make one-of-a-kind works of art. Always eager to explore new facets of the art world and develop new skills, she currently works with acrylic paint and airbrush on canvas, wood, glass, ornaments, resin, faux fur and more!

About Foxy

If there is one word to describe Foxy it’s: “unique”.

Foxy’s roots in art were laid early, back when crayons were her medium of choice. Encouraged to play by her parents, Foxy continued to draw and create crafts at every opportunity. In high school Foxy earned her artistic pen name when she spent much of her time (in art class and also study halls) in the art room. Her teacher, John McCoy known to his students as “John Boy”, dubbed her Foxy due to the creatures frequent appearance in her pieces. His support and suggestions that she enter her works in SEMVA, a local artist run community, landed Foxy into a nest of fellow artists that expanded her horizons and developed countless skills by paying it forward. In honor of John-Boy’s tutoring, Foxy adopted his nickname for her as her official pen name and has used it now for over a decade.

This background is the reason behind her business name—Foxy’s Art Box. The irony is of course that Foxy does not believe in boxes when it comes to art. All techniques and mediums are fair game. Probably the reason that she has such a varied inventory from typical paintings to 3D illusions in resin, all the way to poseable animal art dolls affectionately called Poseable Furbabies.

Owing so much of her skill set to the selfless sharing of others in the community, Foxy believes strongly in giving back and aiding others to discover their own artistic strengths, and overcoming their weakness (or at the least finding workarounds). She loves sharing the tips and tricks of how to achieve certain things, and in some cases—how not to do it! Hey, it happens to everyone.

The world is full of beauty and colors … and if there is one thing she will always remember it was standing beside John-Boy at SEMVA gallery when she was just a teenager and hearing the words of experienced artists about her work—“Well, you’re clearly not afraid of color!”

That’s what art is—fearless.

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