Art by Jacci

Jacci Clark

Jacci is a watercolorist. Her work primarily focuses on all things with eyes–whether it is a baby, animal, or bug. Her passion is to capture a subject’s personality through its eyes.

About Jacci

It’s never too late to pick up where you left off.

I studied journalism and graphic arts in college. Halfway through my junior year I left to move to California. I began working, got married, and had babies. In short, life happened. I didn’t return to art until 34 years later when my daughter persuaded me to start drawing again.

Art is my passion once again! Faces interest me, particularly the expression in a subject’s eyes. I initially did portraits using charcoal and graphite pencil. My goal was to be as realistic and detailed as possible. Eventually I transitioned to watercolor. I have found watercolor requires a different mindset. I now paint in a loose, almost reckless, fashion, letting the watercolor work its magic.

My art sells organically through word of mouth and by sharing posts on social media. Please reach out to me if you are interested in a particular piece.

My husband and I live in southeastern Minnesota where we enjoy time with our kids and grandchildren.

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