What is the Cre8tive Place?

The Cre8tive Place is an online platform for artists to display and gain exposure to a network of eager and aspiring artists. Artists have created a way to get their medium and art supplies to you for an affordable price and you are directly supporting the artist.

The Cre8tive Place opens the doors to an array of online video tutorials that walk you through each step to create a fun artistic experience.

The artists will continually update their content as they complete new projects. You will have the privilege of meeting, learning, and connecting with talented artists as they show you their cre8tive artwork.

About the Cre8tor

Hi I’m Nicki Novotne, artist and cre8tor of The Cre8tive Place. In 2015, I left my 9 to 5 job to pursue my passion of art to make a living as a full-time artist. Over the many years, I have had great support in and around my community by growing my network of artists and changing with the world.
I enjoy watching brilliant people be cre8tive, so I came up with a one-stop website where you can do all that and more! I am sure there are many others who love watching beautiful art being cre8ted and now you can cre8te it as well!

As an artist and a small business owner of a traveling and virtual art studio, I have the honor of meeting many talented men, women, and children. I call them friends. As a friend to these special artists, I want to introduce you into their world of arts, crafts and cre8tiveness! My friends and I have collaborated to bring you The Cre8tive Place.

My mission is to help artists be more successful.

My vision is to offer a safe Cre8tive Place where artists can share their passions, promote and collaborate with others.